The PG Diploma in Advertising and Salesmanship is a specialized program designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of advertising and sales.

The Muscat Higher Education Center offers a specialized curriculum focusing on digital marketing, consumer behavior analysis, and strategic campaign development tailored to Oman’s unique economic landscape. This program equips students with hands-on skills essential for success in roles within advertising agencies, marketing departments, and entrepreneurial endeavors. Graduates gain a profound insight into regional market dynamics and consumer behavior trends, preparing them to excel in both local and global markets. Additionally, the center provides comprehensive study abroad services and distance education options, enhancing accessibility and flexibility for students pursuing higher education.

Programme Code: –
Programme Name: PG Diploma in Advertising & Salesmanship
Duration of the Programme: 1 Year
Eligibility: Any Degree or an equivalent examination.
Notes: Medium of Instruction: English.