Pursuing a B.Sc in Mathematics unlocks a world of infinite possibilities, where abstract concepts and logical reasoning intertwine to uncover the hidden patterns and connections in the universe. The curriculum of B.Sc Mathematics in Oman equips students with a solid foundation in core mathematical principles while also focusing on real-world applications, enabling them to tackle complex problems with creativity and innovation.

Students pursuing BSc Maths in Oman have access to state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technologies, and expert faculty who guide and inspire them in their quest for mathematical mastery, paving the way for successful careers in fields such as finance, computer science, statistics, and research.

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Programme Code: 010
Programme Name: B.Sc. Mathematics
Duration of the Programme: 3 Years
Eligibility: Pass in Higher Secondary / +2 Or Equivalent examination recognized by the University.
Notes: Medium of Instruction: English.